Contour company is specialized in interior, exterior design and implementation of these designs. The company was founded by Arch. Mohamed Zaher & Arch. Mahitab Zaher – Teaching Assistant at AAST - in Alexandria, Egypt since 2007.

The strategy of the company is to guarantee the client satisfaction by using different materials to deal with suitable designs that meet the client needs. The company has great experience with all types of buildings such as residential, commercial and public buildings; moreover the company is specialized in interior design and implementation of various designs in order to insure the best quality that satisfies the clients.

To achieve the best quality two teams of the best engineers are carefully chosen to insure the client satisfaction

Design Team

Interior & exterior designs, their main target is to find creative and innovative ideas that haven't been seen before by using the latest computerized systems to produce all drawings and construction documents and using latest software as AutoCAD 2012 for general production purpose and Revit by Autodesk for working drawings as well as 3dsmax for 3dimensional designs.

Construction Team

Construction department’s main goal is to guarantee the client's satisfaction. In order to achieve this, the construction team, which consists of 3 engineers with great knowledge, work hard on implementing the requested work using unique techniques to ensure delivering the highest quality within the contract budget at the specified time.